Our Mission

Home…the word in itself conjures up warmth, comfort, and love. Why is it that a home is not simply a roof, a floor and four walls? It is because we experience life inside of those walls, and give love and meaning to what we keep within. Home should therefore be more than just a space to claim on earth, but a haven of health and happiness. Our mission is to make your home beautiful and comfortable, elegant and interesting, but more importantly, a place you want to live. The state of a home greatly affects the health and happiness of everyone living in it. This is why we design. This is why we strive to make our clients home their favorite place to be.

About The Designer

It started with the purchase of a second home that I realized I had a talent for interior design. My husband is a builder/developer for over 30 years and I always helped him with his projects. But when I had everything purchased for my new home before they had drywall up, I knew that I had a gift.

After being a hairdresser for over 26 years in the Chicagoland area, I decided to pursue a degree in the Interior Design field. Having a Bachelor Degree of Fine Arts in Interior Design allows me to do just about everything from designing a home in CAD to picking out finishes and furnishings. Having the ability to visualize a space before it’s finished helps with remodels and rehabs.

I believe a home needs to function for the owner so by listening to every want and need they may have helps me create the home of their dreams.

-Denise Baglio